We're an avant-visual identity agency for the music + fashion + lifestyle space.

We believe visuals + strategy are at the core of every iconic brand + artist.

Austere is a creative & marketing agency serving the music, fashion & lifestyle industries. We focus our efforts in building viral, action-driving digital experiences & elevating the narrative of our clients. We believe every good campaign starts with visuals and ends with laser-focused strategy for optimal visibility.

We've been around for 8 years, see how we got here

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Our brand started with a vigor for visuals and strategy in 2012 as an indie magazine and we haven’t lost a bit of that fire. Today Austere is an avant-visual identity agency serving the music, fashion & lifestyle industries. With our background in culture, fashion & music, we have harnessed the true nature of how to create impactful, cutting edge visuals & results for our clients.

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