Our Roots // Austere Magazine

Austere Mag

Art Direction
Print Design
Layout Design

20 issues of pure bliss.

If you haven't already heard, we started out as a print magazine. Our founder, Natasha Brito, and 3 talented collaborators built the Austere brand from the ground up through late nights & lots of coffee. The magazine featured incredible people in music, fashion, & art. There was a high end design aesthetic for the brand & every issue was heavily themed. It was a wild & free opportunity for our team to create without restrictions & inspire our follows along the way.

The issues below are some of our favorite themes. The design work was entirely done in-house as well as the majority of the photo shoots you'll find inside the pages. We will forever love this project & may again perhaps bring it back one day when the stars align.

Till then, enjoy our print legacy. 💫

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