Rob Simonsen
Tall Heights
Griffin Holtby
Austere Mag

Music Videos,
Live Sessions,
Editorial Video

Video is + forever will be king.

We have always known that if you want to capture someone's attention, you'll do it best with engaging and inspiring video content. Video has always been a gateway to someone's heart if you put the right visuals & sounds together. This guiding principle is how we jump into every video project we do.

Album Advertisement

During Rob Simonsen's album campaign, we created his premiere advertisement video that featured all three of his music videos and shifted through his various singles.

Album Documentary Series

Throughout the campaign, we decided to create a few micro videos for Rob's socials that discussed his individual tracks & the album's writing process.

Magazine Announcement

During our many years as a magazine, we created promo videos for each of our issue themes.
Below are some of our faves.

Long-Form Album Documentary

One of our favorite projects by far was the behind the scenes documentary for Tall Height's "Pretty Colors For Your Actions" album. This long-form video was particularly edited to be cut up into 9 individual 1 minute videos that discussed the various tracks on the album in order to be featured as 9 episodes on instagram.

Live Music Session

There's nothing more intimate than creating an acoustic session for an artist. When Griffin Holtby needed this type of content, we knew exactly the mood we wanted to set for his tones.

YouTube Series Promo

We shot various YouTube videos back in our magazine days. One of the coolest was our video series. Whether it's production or post, creating in this medium is very much something we can achieve.

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